Frequently Asked Questions


What are water baptisms?

The word “baptism” means to dip or wet through. From the Bible we see that God intended for all believers to be baptised. Baptism is not just a ritual, or a meaningless ceremony. It is an important part of the Christian walk because it sends a message to the world, the church and the spiritual realm that Jesus is now Lord of your life. Baptism shows that you have separated yourself from sin and your past, and that you have committed yourself to Christ.  Baptisms take place on the first Sunday of the month at the 10am worship service.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit....” Matthew 28:19

When is communion observed?

Christians are united by the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ, communion has come to represent the act of remembering Christ’s sacrifice through the drinking of wine and the breaking of bread. Bright Side Baptist Church observes communion on the first Sunday of every month. 

Who do I contact if I change my name or address?

You can contact either the church administrator or the church secretary by calling at 717.295.9431.

Does Bright Side Baptist Church provide sign language interpretation of the worship service?

We do not provide sign language interpretation of our services simply because there is no current need.

Does Bright Side Baptist Church have a youth ministry?

We do!  Bright Side has had a vigorous youth ministry program for the better part of 28 years. Aside from having fun and being active within the church, this very active group went to New Orleans to help repair homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina. In 2012, they went to North Carolina and, in 2013, they were in New Jersey, dry walling and painting a home that had been damaged during Hurricane Sandy. The church partners with an agency to ensure the safety of the teenagers. Youth Ministry meets every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm from September through June.


How do I find out about the different ministries offered at Bright Side Baptist Church?

Check out our Auxiliaries page. You'll find a list of all ministry groups and the times that they meet.

Who do I contact in case I go to the hospital or if there is a death in my family?

Contact our church secretary. She will take the information and put you in touch with the appropriate person depending on your situation.  717.295.9431

Who can I contact for counseling?

You can set up an appointment for counseling by calling our Church Administrator/Congregational Care Minister.  717.295.9431

Who can I contact for a wedding ceremony?

Call us at 717.295.9431 and ask for the church wedding coordinator. She can answer any questions you may have regarding booking the church, finding an ordained minister to perform the wedding and anything else that needs to be addressed. 717.295.9431

How can I become a member of Bright Side Baptist Church?

If you have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we will gladly receive you as a member. We recognize that salvation comes through faith in Christ alone and that His church is comprised of those that have truly come to Him in faith. 

If you would like to know more about salvation in Christ and baptism, our pastor or a deacon will be glad to speak with you on an individual basis. During the invitation portion of the Sunday service, come to the altar or let any minister or deacon know of your desire to become a member.

What are the office hours of the church?

Normal office hours from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.